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The safety and efficiency of the combination of Cialis drug with other types of the erectile dysfunction treatment have not been studied. Therefore, the use of such combination is not recommended.

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Tadalafil provides a weak inhibitory effect of PDE-6. Cialis great visual disturbances are rare. In clinical studies, a small number of patients and suspension, “Cialis” for that reason. In the long term tadalafil inhibits the lack of expression or stability of PDE-6. Buy Cialis. Like sildenafil, tadalafil, to lower blood pressure by 5-10 mm Hg provide weak hypotensive action. Tadalafil was increased to 40 mg a significant reduction in heart rate. At the same time, does not indicate the level of medical burden of the heart muscle, is the opinion of the expert on heart disease prudent before taking Cialis.

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Thus, treatment of these patients, the elderly observer should begin with low doses may be increased to 30% of the half-life extension of tadalafil and 25% of the maximum concentration in plasma. In order to increase the frequency of adverse events (40 mg) to take high doses suite twice a middle aged man, was 63%. This group of chronic diseases of middle age data men with erectile dysfunction have not been met. In the case of chronic diseases, kidney, liver, cardiovascular system, you can increase the maximum dose of events between unwanted frequencies. Generic Cialis. In clinical studies, it seems that in order to identify the reaction time after the drug for one year erectile dysfunction for more than a month, with 46% of men with erectile function and. Thus, erectile function was held at the general level of support for long-term improvement measures in response to stimulation suites, which are often used.